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If you want to teach English to Japanese Online, several resources are available.

Your experience, desired salary, and available hours will determine the best resource for you.

Companies that have more stringent criteria are more likely to pay higher compensation.

But first, are you looking for a teaching position where you can work from home? Do you want to teach English to Japanese people online? If you answered yes, stay reading to learn how to teach English to Japanese using the internet.

Teach English to Japanese Online Requirements

Before you may teach English to Japanese online, you must be eligible.

Each organization has its own set of guidelines; however, the following are the most common:

Make sure you can communicate effectively in English:

Online English instructors must be native English speakers. Only that the English teacher is from Wales, New Zealand, or Scotland is the only assumption.

Although not usually, South Africans can teach English to Japanese online.

You may require a TOEFL certificate if you are not from an English-speaking country but speak English as your first language.

Possess a TEFL certification:

The second most important requirement for employment is a TEFL certificate, with most firms requiring 120 hours or more.

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Although 120 hours may not be necessary for some jobs, it is the industry standard.

What is a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate?

A TEFL certificate is awarded after completing a three-week online or in-person course in English.

Bachelor’s degree (occasionally):

Several companies require a bachelor’s degree to teach Japanese to Japanese online.

It makes no difference what you studied as long as you get a diploma. One of the most significant disadvantages of teaching English online is this.

It would be ideal if you were a teacher. In this case, TEFL is probably unnecessary. Individuals with a bachelor’s degree can teach English to Japanese online in various methods.

Be a seasoned educator (on occasion):

Some employers require teaching experience; however, this is not always the case. Teaching experience, on the other hand, will strengthen your application.

Do mention it while applying if you have any experience working with children.

5 Companies that Employ Teachers to Teach English Online to Japanese Students:

English Everywhere:

Even if you don’t have a college degree, this is one of the best platforms for teaching English to Japanese online.

Teachers are in charge of planning their classes and conducting individual lessons with pupils in this setting.

To be hired by EnglishEverywhere, you must have a TOEFL or TEFL certificate, as well as some teaching experience.

Teachers must also know how to use Skype on a computer, respond to business emails within 36 hours, and pass the E&E interview.

See website


Teachers can use this platform to decide how much they want to earn and when they want to teach, and these lessons aren’t just for teaching English.

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Other disciplines, such as computers, painting, and so on, can be taught by teachers.

Lessons are scheduled through CafeTalk’s online messaging system and on a tablet or computer using Skype.

Teachers frequently connect with new students before class to learn about their goals and share files.

After each lesson, teachers must submit a report outlining how well the student has improved and the areas in which the student needs to improve.

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Cena English:

Cena English is an online platform that teaches English to adults in Japan.

The teachers are in charge of class planning, and all of the lessons are delivered via Skype.

This platform initially exposes potential students to professors through a sample lesson, after which the student can schedule subsequent classes if desired.

Teachers must have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a teaching license or a TEFL certificate, and an internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 1.5Mbps.

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Best Teacher:

To Teach English Online to Japanese college students, the best teachers hire teachers from all over the world to arrange and conduct classes.

All classes are held over Skype, and students can be compensated for editing and replying to chats.

Students’ particular goals and preferences must be met in class while keeping committed to Best Teacher’s four aims: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

You do not need to be from an English-speaking nation to teach with Best Teacher; instead, you must demonstrate your English ability through tests administered during the application process.

This means that persons from non-English speaking nations can teach with the Best Teacher to demonstrate their English proficiency.

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S-Lessons hire English teachers from English-speaking nations to teach Japanese youngsters English online via Skype.

This platform offers two separate programs: “Regular Course,” in which S-Lessons provides the lesson content, and “Leave it to the Teacher,” where the teacher creates the material.

Classes last 25 minutes, and after each lesson, teachers must perform a three-minute student assessment.

Applicants must have a minimum of one year of teaching experience to be considered.

See website

Final tips:

There are various options to Teach English Online to Japanese if you know where to look.

Teaching English Online to Japanese Students pays well, attracting people to try it out.

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