Necessary IQ Level for Highly Paid Jobs

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Have you chosen your dream job? Have you ever thought of the requirements for getting that job? Smartness is one of the most prevalent requirements for many jobs, especially highly paid ones.

If you want to become familiar with these job profiles and the IQ required for getting them, read this article.

IQ definition and classification

Your Intelligence Quotient, AKA IQ, is a measure of your ability to think critically and solve problems.

In other words, an IQ test lets you know how well you can perform in logical, mathematical, verbal, and other situations.

IQ scores are relative, meaning you have to compare them with people in your age group. A typical average IQ is 100, but this is entirely different in different age groups.

IQ scores are classified differently. A common classification is as follows:

  • IQ scores below 70 indicate very low IQ or “feeble-mindedness.”
  • Scores between 70 and 89 are considered low or performing at a “below-average” level.
  • Average IQ scores are placed between 90 and 109.
  • An IQ score of more than 110 and below 119 is outstanding or above average.
  • Gifted people have IQ scores between 120 and 140.
  • A person with an IQ score of 140 or above is considered a genius.

Highly paid jobs that require the highest IQ scores

Here is the list of highly-paid jobs that need the highest IQ scores.

1. Plastic and cosmetic surgeons

Plastic surgery requires highly sensitive medical operations to rebuild the form and also a function of a part of the body after trauma.

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It is sometimes related to cosmetic surgery that alters your appearance so that no one can recognize you. 

Of course, not all plastic surgeons do cosmetic operations in their job, but many plastic surgery operations need some practice in cosmetic surgery.

The income of plastic surgeons is quite high and can be considered one of the top salaries in the world.

They usually earn something in the region of $300,000 USD in a year, but of course, they need to have IQ scores of higher than 130.

2. University professors and scientists

Professors and scientists are among the smartest people in the world, and their income is also considerable.

The university’s highest-level lecturers are full professors with lots of ISI journals and books. Of course, they’re not teaching, but searching, inventing, and leading science and technology to the next level.

There might be some differences among professors in different fields. For example, Physics might be the most difficult field in science, and therefore, it requires higher levels of IQ.

Having an IQ of more than 140 is usually a must if you want to become a successful and world-renowned scientist.

Remember that the income of scientists might not follow this pattern, and sometimes more applicable fields like engineering are more lucrative.

3. Lawyers

Lawyers are also well-paid and need to be smart enough to handle complex problems in their job.

A lawyer is a verified professional who helps you with any type of legal case and defends you as their client, so you can reach your rights in a court of law.

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Lawyers do different services, including providing legal advice, researching and analyzing cases and all the details, and evaluating every piece of evidence.

Apart from having an IQ score of more than 130, they need different kinds of skills to be able to mediate disputes legally.

They sometimes have to draw up legal documents of contracts, divorce, wills, etc., to defend their client. 

4. Orthodontists

Orthodontics is a specific type of dentistry that aims to help you in terms of your smile and the form and strength of your teeth.

Apart from having an IQ score of more than 130, they have to be skillful enough to use braces and other tools to fix patients’ teeth problems.

Here are some other jobs that require IQs more than average:

  • Researcher
  • Analyst
  • Attorney 
  • Advertising manager
  • Editor
  • Engineer
  • Chemist
  • Executive 
  • Trainee
  • Manager
  • Auditor
  • Systems analyst

Online platforms to estimate your IQ level

Now that you know jobs that require a high IQ score, you’d better become familiar with some online platforms to measure your IQ level.

Here are some of the best free online IQ tests:

1. IQ Exam

This is one of the newest and most accurate online IQ tests. It has great research and academic background at McGill University, ensuring its eligibility.

It has 30 questions, making it a relatively long IQ test among other competitors. One of the advantages of IQ EXAM is that they’ll give you a valid certificate showing your performance.

This certificate can be used in your resume to help you in your future career path.

On their site,, there is useful information about the interpretation of the results, explaining the standard deviation so that you can compare your scores with others.

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2. 123Test

123Test is another accurate IQ test that is available online.

This is a long-lasting member of online test publishers and is a private and independent company. They’ve been providing IQ tests for about twenty years, which is rare among other competitors.

If you want to measure your IQ without any registration or other prerequisites, 123Test is a perfect option.

An advantage of this test is that it provides many useful sample questions with answers so that you can have an assessment of your level.

Its demo test is limited, but it is great to give you an estimation of how well you can perform in a real test.

3. Brain Metrix

This is a 10-question IQ test that will take up to 15 minutes to be finished. This is one of the simplest IQ tests on the internet and doesn’t require your age or any other information.

Brain Metrix also has an educational website containing brain training programs and also games. This is a great way to improve your IQ score and brain ability.

4. See My Personality

This one is a free personality test that you can take online.

They say they have a personality test that is eerily accurate and tells you everything you need to know about your traits, types, behaviors, and tendencies.

This test is scientifically developed to let you know yourself better to be able to use your abilities much more in your life.

Final thoughts

Remember that IQ is not everything. In other words, you don’t have to interpret the IQ score wrongly and consider it a perfect metric.

Many skills and abilities are not included in IQ tests. So try to recognize all your capabilities and then interpret your IQ level.