How to transfer from a Caribbean medical school to a US medical school – 2022

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How to transfer from a Caribbean medical school to a U.S. medical school: The question of which medical school to attend is of utmost importance to many students. In this article, we address a question that many medical students who want to study in the United States have asked while attempting to transfer from a medical school in the Caribbean to a U.S. medical school. Furthermore, we would be able to convey an in-depth understanding of the terminology used in the healthcare profession and facilitate a smooth transition.

What is a medical school?

According to Wikipedia, A medical school is a higher educational institution or a section of a tertiary educational institution that teaches medicine and awards a professional degree to students who choose to pursue a career as a physician. These medical degrees include a Bachelor of Medicine degree, a Bachelor of Surgery degree, a Master of Medicine degree, a Doctor of Medicine degree, or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree.

Evaluations of the Various Caribbean Medical Schools

Investigating the information provided by Forbes magazine regarding the pain majority of medical students go through while attending Caribbean medical schools each year, students are required to put in a lot of preparation work for the application process to have a shot at this highly desirable line of work. However, the number of available positions is insufficient to accommodate every candidate.

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Evaluations of the various medical schools in the united states

Medical school in the United States is a dream destination for many people who are keen to work in the field of medicine. Students with the dedication and perseverance to pursue a career in medicine will eventually be rewarded with a stable, well-paying, and honorable career.

Why transfer to a  Medical School in the United States from a Caribbean Medical School?

If you switch schools after the first year, you will have a more positive experience than the one you currently have or the one you have had in the past because you will have the opportunity to investigate which school most closely meets your needs.

To motivate students to continue their medical education after transferring institutions, many schools have begun to ease their admissions standards, making it easier for students to get accepted.

Many different aspects are taken into consideration while discussing the topic of why a medical student attending the Caribbean Medical School needs to make a transfer to continue their education at a different institution. Some of these criteria include the following:

  • The failure of schools in the Caribbean to meet the credit requirements necessary for students to practice medicine in the United States
  • Their poor reputations limit the validity of more than 80 medical schools in the Caribbean.
  • Because of its excellent reputation and the numerous rewarding medical career options it provides, the United States is a top destination for medical students.
  • It is difficult to obtain a medical degree in the United States, even though vacancies appear to exist due to switching majors.
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It is easy to understand why a medical student studying in the Caribbean wouldn’t think twice about furthering their career in the United States.

How Do You Transfer From A Caribbean  Medical School To A US Medical School?

Transfer students should transfer from a medical school accredited in the United States. They must first pass the USMLE Step 1 Examination at most medical schools.
Although most medical schools only permit transfer students to enter the third year of the program, other schools, like Drexel, allow students to enter either the second or third year of the program if they transfer from another medical school. On the other hand, George Washington University will accept transfer credits from colleges in Canada granted accreditation. Students must have finished their first two years of medical school to transfer to a school like Mercer, which does not allow transfers until the third year.

What are Schools That Take Transfer Medical Students In The U.S.?

1. George Washington University, Washington DC:

Requirements are $63,035 for Year 3 (for Year 3 of the M.D. Program, 2022), MCAT Scores, USMLE Scores, and Three Evaluation Letters.

2. Tufts University Medford, MA: 

Year 3 will only cost you $65,052 (per year for the M.D. and M.D./Ph.D. Programs). Requirements are MCAT Scores, a Letter of Recommendation from Your Current Medical School Dean, and a Copy of Your Transcripts.

3. Drexel University Philadelphia, PA:

Requirements for two or three years (including M.D. years in the M.D./Ph.D. program) are $29,489 per semester for the Doctor of Medicine Program Application, a letter from the current dean of students at the medical school, and transcripts.

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4. Tufts University Medford, MA:

Year 3 will only cost you $65,052 (per year for the M.D. and M.D./Ph.D. Programs). Requirements are MCAT Scores, a Letter of Recommendation from Your Current Medical School Dean, and a Copy of Your Transcripts.

What are the requirements to Transfer From the Caribbean medical school To U.S. medical school?

After determining whether or not you are qualified, the next step in successfully transferring to another school is to understand what is necessary for the application process.

Transfer students applying to universities such as Drexel, George Washington, Mercer, and Tufts must meet the following requirements:

  • Completed application with application fee
  • Transcripts from all colleges attended
  • Letter of recommendation or evaluation from the Dean of Students or Student Affairs at the primary medical school, indicating the student is in good standing.
  • MCAT scores
  • USMLE scores


How to transfer from a Caribbean medical school to a U.S. medical school: There is a link between transferring from a Caribbean medical school to a U.S. school. The U.S. medical school is more prestigious than Caribbean schools. This is because many Caribbean medical schools admit medical students. Their poor reputation allows those who still want to seek the American dream to do it.

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