How to get NFL Sunday Ticket Student Discount in 2023

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How to get NFL Sunday Ticket Student Discount: With the NFL seasonal games kicking off every Sunday, many people look for streaming options and access to tickets to tune in to matches and support playing teams. What is NFL Sunday Ticket, How much does it cost, Is there a discount for the Ticket, who is eligible for it, and how do students qualify for the discount?

What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

The NFL stands for the National Football League, the largest and longest enduring professional football league in the United States. College students can get NFL Sunday Ticket for a fraction of the price. The service provides access to out-of-market games not available on local TV.

Cost of NFL Sunday Ticket by Itself

NFL Sunday Ticket offers two subscription plans: To Go and Max. At the start of the season, the To Go plan costs $293.94; Max Plan costs $395.99. An NFL Sunday Ticket subscription lasts until the end of the regular season. If you break it down by the 18 weeks of the year, that’s about $17–$22 per week. Keep in mind, that you’ll also pay a $20 activation fee, and you could face some regional sports fees of around $8 per month.

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Cost of NFL Sunday Tickets Student Discount

The NFL Sunday Tickets Student Discount costs $29.99 a month for four months or $119.96 (everyone pays almost $400) for the entire regular season. For those who were enrolled as a student within the last 18 months but are no longer a student, the price for that package is $39.00 (1 payment for TO GO) and £49.00. However, If you’re not a student you can get a free 7-day trial of NFL Game Pass.

Who is Eligible for Student Discount?

Students currently enrolled in any college or university in the U.S. are eligible for NFL Sunday Ticket U. Also, those who attended a U.S. college or 4-year university within the last 18 months from the date of purchase can get in on the deal.

Can you get an NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV?

Yes, of course. Directly from the DirecTV Sunday Ticket website.

“NFL Sunday Ticket.TV service is only available to non-DirecTV customers who live in select multi-dwelling unit buildings (apartments, condos, etc,) nationwide in the U.S. where DIRECTV service is not available, live in select areas within various metropolitan cities, live in a residence that has been verified as unable to receive DIRECTV satellite TV service due to obstructions blocking access to satellite signals, or are college students.”


How to get NFL Sunday Ticket Student Discount: College students look forward to having fun during the weekend after weekday stress in school. NFL fans across the country anticipate games every Sunday during the NFL season. Spending the weekend on a budget makes it all fun, as you can go on exclusive dates, watch NFL live games and cheer on your favourite team.

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