How to Get Lulus Student Discount in 2023

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How to Get Lulus Student Discount in 2023: Lulu’s Clothing is Meant to Fulfill Diverse Fashion Needs by supplying clients with reasonably priced, reasonably priced, high-quality clothing. They have everything, from bohemian designs & swimwear to Lulus prom dresses and their popular bridal wear, which includes economical Lulus bridesmaid dresses.

This article explains everything you need to know about Lulus, from its foundation to its many features, to get a student discount. In addition, celebrity reality stars who appear on shows such as “Vanderpump Rules” have been seen wearing dresses from Lulus, boots from Lulu’s, and other clothing and accessories sold by Lulu’s. Continue reading to obtain all of the information regarding Lulus that you require.

Overview of Lulus Fashion Lounge

The mission of Lulus is to serve customers worldwide, making luxury goods available at costs that are in line with current trends while also delivering exceptional customer service.

They buy and design intelligent, feminine, and contemporary clothes to send a curated assortment of occasion-appropriate gowns and lounge-worthy items that you can wear in various settings. In addition, they are well-known for the cute bridesmaid dresses, party dresses, and vacation outfits they design and create.

Does LuLus Offer a Student Discount?

If you are in an accredited college or university, you are eligible for a 15% discount on all Lulus purchases. To enjoy the deal, you must sign up for a StudentBeans account and provide an email address from an educational institution.

The LuLus student discount makes it possible for you to purchase the clothing and accessories of your choice while remaining within your financial means as a student.

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What are the Steps to Using the Lulus Student Discount Code?

Lulu’s offers a 10% student discount to customers who present their Student Beans cards. To obtain a student discount of 10% off your order, enter the Lulus student coupon code when checking out.

However, You will be able to enjoy this discount as soon as you have completed the Student Beans registration process and verified that you are a student. Select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to the online checkout page; all you have to do is key in the discount code. After you enter your code, you’d receive a discount on the total price, allowing you to see how much money you will save.

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Why Should I Make My Purchases at Lulus Lounge?

At Lulu’s, the work climate is light-hearted and laid-back, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and innovation across all levels of the business. It is committed to selling a combination of its private-label clothing and accessories and partnering with brands such as Free People and Steve Madden.

1. Lulus Boutique:

When you shop at Lulus’s online boutique store, you will discover that the company’s best-selling products include Lulus dresses and Lulu’s shoes and boots.

Again, other alternatives for apparel that you can purchase through the online boutique of Lulus include long-sleeved tops, belts, jumpsuits, jewelry, and various other articles of clothing and shoes.

2. Variety of sizes:

At Lulu’s, you can find all of the items from Lulus in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large. Most of Lulus’s boutique clothing comes in junior sizes and has a propensity to be on the small side. Because of this, customers must use the Lulus sizing and fit chart to ensure that their purchases are a good fit.

3. Lulus Prom Dresses & Bridesmaid Dresses:

Online at Lulu’s, young women and future brides looking for prom and bridesmaid gowns will find a variety of reasonably priced and on-trend. Consequently, their website offers adverts for Lulus dresses appropriate for practically any event.

4. Website That Is Very Easy to Navigate:

The layout of Lulu’s boutique’s website is very plain, making it easy for consumers to navigate and locate the products that interest them. Customers can shop at the Lulus boutique’s online Store by using the navigation bar at the top of the page.

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In the same way, this allows customers to locate the most popular and fashionable things, such as Lulus dresses and Lulu’s shoes, apparel, and accessories.

5. Lulus Shipping:

If you spend more than $50 in the online boutique store operated by Lulus, your order can qualify for free shipping anywhere in the United States. The company provides alternatives for expedited shipping at reasonable flat fees.

However, If you decide to return something you purchased from the Lulus boutique Online Store, you will be responsible for paying the return shipping charges.

6. Lulus Return & Refund Policies:

Customers who shop online risk having difficulty recouping their financial investment if the item they ordered does not meet their expectations.

Also, Lulus’s policy on returns and refunds is relatively straightforward. Within the first thirty days after the delivery date, you can return an item for exchange or a refund. When you return an item, the refund amount is credited to the method you used to pay for the item.

What are some of the other options available besides Lulus?

The following are some options to consider besides Lulus:

1. Fashion Nova:

No retailer does a better job than Fashion Nova regarding millennial street fashion. They sell the most recently released items of clothes.

When you have Fashion Nova on your side, you won’t ever have to stress whether you can afford to employ a stylist to help you overhaul your wardrobe and model your clothes. After looking at their clothes and accessories, you would turn into your mini-stylist.

2. Pretty Little Thing:

Pretty Little Thing is a supplier of affordable and rapidly changing clothes. This supplier allows you to browse for contemporary dresses and ensembles at the stroke of a mouse. You can acquire any article of clothing you desire in any color shade, even the most outlandish one you’ve ever seen.

3. ASOS:

Indeed, it doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a friend’s wedding, going out partying with the girls, or making a statement about your style; ASOS has something to satisfy every fashion appetite.

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The Store offers a variety of fashionable goods, including chic maternity dresses that assist expectant mothers in looking their best. You can also shine like a princess in one of their exquisite dresses. They have a wide range.

4. Reformation:

Reformation is a top fashion brand that has minimized the negative impact it has had on the environment while raising consumer interest in an environmentally responsible manner.

All of their garments are entirely carbon neutral. They find great success in the aesthetic appeal of the cool-girl, laid-back attitude that every female senses when wearing Reformation clothing.


One of the stores analogous to Lululemon is Zaful, which equally positions itself as the go-to style consultant for plus-size men and women. You wear clothing in any style, from beachy styles to fall dresses that make your appearance edgier. If you do not enjoy exploring the Store’s collection of dresses, you may instead browse the website’s selection of accessories and jewelry.

6. Missguided:

The primary purpose of Missguided is to give young women the confidence they deserve in their appearance. Their line of clothing is luxurious and on-trend without being prohibitively expensive. However, the company’s designers generate one thousand new styles weekly to ensure their customers never run out of things to wear.

7. Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters has a wide range of apparel from various recognizable brands, including gender-neutral and appropriate options for both men and women. The brand incorporates several diverse businesses under its umbrellas, such as BHLDN, Terrian, Menus & Venues, Free People, Nuuly, Anthropologie, and Terrian.


How to Get Lulus Student Discount in 2023:

The Lulus student discount offers savings of up to 15% for full-time students. Students on discount must return prom dresses and other articles of clothing purchased from Lulus in a shipping box in an unworn, unused, and unwashed condition. Also, you will need to sign up for StudentBeans to access their student discount.

In addition, delivery to countries other than the United States does not come with free shipping, and the cost of postage might be somewhat different depending on the country to which an item is being sent.

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