How to Get Delta Airlines Student Discount (2023)

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How to Get Delta Airlines Student Discount in 2023: Through the student discount program offered by Delta Airlines, if you are currently in an educational institution and a student, you are eligible to receive a significant discount on air travel.

Student discounts are a form of special savings for students made available to high school students but more commonly to students enrolled in higher education at colleges, universities, and other institutions.

Even if you want to travel on international routes, students can take advantage of special savings on airline bookings and other airfare services provided by Delta Airlines. You can reserve flights at a low cost and a discounted price to just about every country.

When you book your flights and accommodations together via Delta, you can save up to $200 off the total price of your trip.

Continue reading if you are interested in learning how to receive a student discount on your flight booking with Delta in 2023.

About the Delta Air Lines Company

Delta Airlines is among the major airlines in the United States. The city of Atlanta, found in Georgia, is home to the organization’s headquarters.

Together with its partner airlines in its worldwide alliance, Delta operates more than 15,000 flights daily. Only Delta Airlines, based in the United States, offers nonstop service to Stockholm, Dakar, and Copenhagen.

Longer flights may feature the opportunity for meal options, depending on their final destinations and the time of year.

Visit their official website

Can I receive a student discount at Delta Airlines?

Without a shadow of a doubt, yes! Delta Airlines has student discounts. The student discount offered by Delta Air Lines is also available on Virgin Atlantic.

Students can locate the flight discount options that offer the most affordable rates compared to those offered by other airlines and connect Edinburgh, Manchester, or London with the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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In addition, forty weekly flights are operating between the United Kingdom and the North American continent provided by Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

Who is qualified to obtain a student discount from delta airlines?

When a student books a flight with Delta Airlines, they automatically qualify for a discount on that flight.

When you’re at least 16 years old and enrolled in an educational program that demands a full-time commitment, like college, university, sixth form, or high school, then you are qualified.

If you’re currently in an apprenticeship program, this does not disqualify you from eligibility.

Where can I obtain information on student discounts for Delta AirLine?

On the official website of Delta Air Lines, you can look for information about student discounts. It would help if you also looked through the banners and the sale selection department when booking flights.

You can visit Delta’s social media channels to learn about any student discounts and the requirements for receiving them.

You would be wise to investigate, as doing so will help you shop more reasonably and save money. Both hotel offers and Delta promo codes and coupons may provide student discounts.

Every student is eligible to receive a discount on Delta Airlines flights. You qualify if you are over 16 and enrolled in an educational program that requires full-time attendance, such as a high school, college, or sixth form. Your eligibility is valid if you are currently in an apprenticeship program.

You only need to gain access to hundreds of free student discounts to register your student status and validate it.

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How do I get delta airlines student discount in 2023?

If you are a student, then you are in for a real treat in 2023, thanks to the student discount that Delta Airlines is offering. You can reserve flights at a low cost and at a discounted rate to any country. The steps necessary to book flights with student discounts are below.

i. Start by going to the official website of Delta Airlines.

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ii. Create an account and confirm that you are a student.

iii. After that, book a flight with Student Universe by logging into your account. After that, Student Universe will start giving you your student discount, and you will be able to utilize the value whenever you pay for your tickets.

iv. Should you have questions about Delta’s student discount, contact the executive.

What are some other reward programs offered by Delta Airlines?

In addition to the student discount that Delta Airlines provides, the airline also offers several reward programs and which are listed below:

1. SkyBonus:

SkyBonus established the SkyBonus program on November 27, 2001, and it is a program geared toward small to medium businesses that spend between $5,000 and $500,000 annually on air travel.  

Businesses can earn points that SkyBonus can redeem for upgrades, free travel, and membership in the Sky Club.

When traveling, you can accumulate points in several ways, depending on the booking code, the amount of the fare paid, and the location. While participating businesses can earn points toward free travel, passengers can also earn SkyMiles for themselves while on the road.

2. SkyMiles:

SkyMiles is the frequent flyer program that Delta Air Lines offers its customers. Accounts with Miles do not lose their validity over time; nevertheless, Delta reserves the right to terminate accounts in the event of fraudulent behavior or the passing of a program member.

3. Delta Sky Club:

Delta Sky Club is the name of the lounge that Delta operates in airports. You can spend either cash or miles to renew your membership each year.

Passengers traveling internationally in the Delta One class get complimentary access. Membership can also be awarded to you if you have top-tier status with Delta or are an American Express cardholder.

However, there are a few notable outliers. However, starting in January 2019, Delta discontinued selling single-day passes.

Crown Room lounges was the initial name for airport clubs offered by Delta, whereas WorldClubs was the name given to Northwest’s airport clubs in the beginning.

Customer Service Department of Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is widely recognized as a premier airline in the aviation business due to its commitment to providing exceptional service to its passengers.

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Dial the toll-free helpline number if you want to speak to a representative from their customer service department.

You can also submit any questions, comments, or concerns using the live chat. In addition, customer service representatives will be available to guide you toward potential answers to any questions or concerns you may have.

There are solutions available for problems, including seat upgrades, flight tickets, refunds, modifications or cancellations, check-ins, etc. Connecting with the customer service team members is made more accessible and takes less time.

Follow the steps below to chat with a natural person on Live Chat:

  1. Install the Fly Delta mobile app on your smartphone, whether it’s an Android or an iOS one.
  2. Select the “Message Us” option from the “Help Us” menu to contact us.
  3. Now is the time to join the live chat session and tailor your text messages to communicate with the executive.
  4. The next step is to initiate a dialogue by explaining your problem or complaint and requesting assistance in finding a solution.
  5. After receiving a response that satisfies your needs, you are free to terminate the chat.
  6. In the final phase, you will provide comments based on your conversation with the flight agent.

What kind of comfort can you expect when you fly with Delta Airlines?

You won’t miss any of the conveniences of home, and you’ll feel at ease during your journey.

Delta Airlines takes pride in the fact that it can provide a variety of unique products and experiences that are unavailable anywhere else in the sky. These provide you with more than you deserve on top of everything else.


How to Get Delta Airlines Student Discount in 2023: Students flying with Delta Airlines are eligible for discounts on select flights as well as additional services linked to travel. Travel coupon codes and discounts explicitly tailored for students are also examples of ways to save money.

When you book a trip with Delta Airlines, some things you can do to save money include signing up for their email alerts and researching the optimum time of day and the day of the week to purchase airline tickets.

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