How Do I Get LA Fitness Student Discount in 2023

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How Do I Get LA Fitness Student Discount in 2023: LA Fitness is known for its high-quality, well-maintained equipment and presence in hundreds of locations across the United States.

The company provides a variety of discounts, such as the LA Fitness student discount, which students who want to keep healthy can take advantage of. You should read this article if searching for details regarding the student discount offered by LA Fitness.

Overview of LA Fitness

The fitness club chain known as LA Fitness is headquartered in the United States and has around 700 locations across the U.S. and Canada. It all started on November 1st, 1984, in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California.

The commitment of LA Fitness and its awareness of the specific requirements of its members have been critical factors in the company’s expansion. In addition, they offer training routines to family members of all ages and have highly qualified staff as well as a wide variety of different pieces of exercise equipment.

What Is LA Fitness Student Discount?

LA Fitness’ student discount is much like another student discount. The price of student membership plans is the focus of this initiative. Students typically have limited financial resources due to the high cost of meeting other necessities, making it challenging to afford gym membership fees.

Therefore, the 15% discount that LA Fitness is currently offering will benefit them. Although they discount, LA has incredible deals, including helpful service, high-quality equipment, and many more.

How do you make use of the LA fitness student discount?

There is a good chance that most gyms close to schools will give you a discount because they will benefit from it. It is essential to keep in mind that the LA Fitness student discount differs depending on the facility and the management.

Not all LA Fitness clubs provide discounts; you will need to speak with the gym manager closest to you to get more information.

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Student Discount at LA Fitness: Why You Should Take Advantage of It

It would help if you considered joining LA Fitness for many reasons, including its intuitive mobile app and high-quality instructors. We look closely at some key reasons why people should join LA Fitness.

1. Quality Equipment:

This fitness center provides students with an incredible LA fitness discount, and in addition to that, they have high-quality exercise equipment.

In today’s world, much information is available that teaches people how to exercise without using equipment. You will get your dream physique more quickly with the assistance of weights, treadmills, and other things.

2. Certified Gym instructors:

Gym instructors are similar to guardians in the gym. They assist you with your routine, demonstrate how to perform a workout correctly, and assist you in remaining dedicated to your plan.

There is a limit to how much functionality a mobile app can provide; nevertheless, you can quickly turn off the notifications, skip a few days, and act whenever you think it is appropriate.

3. Mobile App That Is Easily Navigable:

Every LA Fitness member can download the firm’s user-friendly mobile app to their smartphone. Users can quickly access all of the amenities, facilities, and services offered at any LA Fitness club.

Users can download the app from the App Store, which works on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod.

4. Helps in saving money:

LA Fitness is now offering students a discount of 15% on monthly gym memberships. This discount may be different at different locations and determined by different club management. Regardless of your choice, you will not only pay much less than the initial price but also receive the same level of quality.

5. Exceptional Services:

LA Fitness provides the best equipment, the most qualified instructors, and significant student discounts. They are continually looking for ways to help their members benefit from gyming or from meeting their members’ wishes, and they provide good reception to their members.

Sign up, and you may immediately start taking advantage of any one of these benefits, which are all available to you.

Methods for Saving Money at LA Fitness

The Student Discount of 15% at LA Fitness isn’t enough, or the slash still doesn’t suit your budget. Therefore, I’ll be compiling a short list of methods so you can cut costs. You can check to see if they fall within your budgetary constraints. After reading this article, you should feel motivated to sign up immediately.

1. $1 A Day:

LA Fitness is offering a $1 Day deal on their membership. The monthly cost is $29.99, which is a significant discount compared to other gym memberships.

If you are a new member at LA Fitness, you will be required to pay an initiation cost of $99. However, you can join a single club and have access to all programs for the low price of $1 per day.

2. Discount for Employees:

LA Fitness offers discounts to all employees, even those who are paid very little. This means people can go to clubs and inquire about the employee discount.

You never know how much of a difference a slash or discount could make in your salary. If you think you or someone you know might benefit from this, contact LA Fitness at 1-800-847-8255 or email

3. Free of charge trials:

LA Fitness permits new members to use the gym with a guest at no additional cost. These complimentary passes have a maximum of 5 uses each before they become invalid. Most people consider working out in a gym to be a sacred practice.

However, some people cannot work out in gyms because they cannot connect with the environment or for other reasons. So, go check out the local business and discover if Los Angeles is the proper town for you.

4. Use AAA:

Nearly everyone is aware that AAA members can receive incredible savings. If you are a member of AAA, you will have access to many discount codes and sales if you shop through their website. Here is a simple tutorial on what to do to obtain access to the discount that LA Fitness is offering:

  • Signup or login into your AAA account
  • At the top menu, click on “Discount & Rewards.”
  • Once done, click on “Browse All Categories .”
  • Search LA fitness and select stores, “Stores: LA Fitness
  • Check the coupons they have to offer and select the best. And that’s it.

If you follow these instructions, you will be able to gain access to a large number of beneficiary discount coupons.

5. Talk it over with the manager:

You never know what kind of deal they might have for you, so it’s best to ask about it. Not all gym managers will be willing to negotiate with you and give you a minimal discount.

To reiterate, proceed with an open mind. If you don’t ask, you will never know who could be offering you a discount.

What is the proper way to enter the LA Fitness Discount Code?

Entering the discount code for students into the box provided at checkout is all required to use the LA Fitness student discount.

Your discount will then be applied when you pay for your membership. You shouldn’t be surprised if the discounts are applied to your order even though you didn’t use a code for sale.

What are some other gyms that you might consider besides LA Fitness?

The following establishments are some alternatives to LA Fitness:

i. Anytime Fitness LLC

ii. Equinox Fitness

iii. Planet Fitness

iv. 24-Hour Fitness

v. LifeTime

vi. CrossFit

vii. EXOS

Is It Cost-Effective to Join LA Fitness?

The monthly membership fee at LA Fitness is competitively priced compared to other, more expensive clubs. The facility is rated as one of the best options for mid-range gyms in terms of both amenities and apparatus. If cost is a factor, there are other options available that are less expensive.


How Do I Get LA Fitness Student Discount in 2023: LA Fitness is one of the most highly regarded health club franchises in the United States. Even the most basic memberships come with access to group exercise courses.

The 15% student discount that LA Fitness offers is a no-brainer for college students. As a result, you can sign up right now and start reaping the benefits of your LA Fitness membership right away.

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