10 Easy majors that pay well globally | 2022

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Easy majors that pay well: According to many individuals, education can be divided into hard and easy majors.

While some people perform exceptionally well in literature, psychology, and social sciences, others struggle to make their way through chemistry, mathematics, or physics.

So, where do we find common ground here? Listed below are the ten most easy college majors that pay well.

What is a college major?

A college major is an academic field in which an undergraduate student formally enrolls and completes all of the courses required for the degree program. It is now possible to pursue a bachelor’s degree in this field.

Benefits of a College Major:

Various benefits can be gained by finishing a college degree in a specific field. Some of them are listed below;

1. Strong career outlook:

Various bachelor’s degree graduates find themselves more relevant in other areas of their lives due to their education and training.

Among these are a promising career path, easily transferrable abilities that make candidates more competitive in the job market, and a competitive wage package.

They also gain from participating in leadership positions, networking with classmates, learning about opposing viewpoints, establishing new personal philosophies, and traveling as a result of campus events and study-abroad programs as well.

While pursuing a college degree, it is very typical to form meaningful and long-lasting relationships with other students, staff, and faculty members, among other things.

2. An excellent future in the field:

While college graduates are assigned numerous entry-level jobs, most firms pay them fairly. Graduate degrees often lead to management and executive positions.

Bachelor’s degree holders make roughly $63,800 annually, while master’s degree holders make around $76,000.

Some of the significant benefits of a college major are getting better career opportunities, achieving job security, and so on, which I may not have listed.

How do you differentiate easy majors from hard majors:

Depending on their field of study, college majors have wildly varying expectations of their students in terms of academics.

Some programs overload students with homework and projects that demand them to put in hours of extra effort outside of class.

Some majors, for example, purposely create homework and tests to be the most difficult they can be to equip students with the abilities that professors believe are necessary for their vocation.

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Students in easy majors are more likely to be expected to do less studying and work.

Some majors have become overly popular, and as a result, they have been compelled to strengthen the academic criteria to ensure that only the best can remain.

10 Easy majors that pay well globally:

1. Anthropology major:

The first easy major that pays well is anthropology. In anthropology, we look at the development of social relationships as well as the evolution of culture.

Because it frequently includes archaeology, students pursuing anthropology degrees may find themselves out in the field digging or excavating objects.

Classes in anthropology, history, and sociology are required for those pursuing a degree in anthropology. Advanced statistics or other arithmetic are not necessary. Thus, students will be expected to read and write a lot.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, graduates of anthropology earn an average salary of $55,000 per year.

2. English major:

English major is a lot more than literature major. If you appreciate reading and investigating the limits of human invention and also frequently attend spelling bees and book clubs with your buddies, this major is for you.

English Major improves your English language skills and teaches you how to analyze literature and study all the finest works ever written. An English degree can also be earned online.

An English degree can prepare you for a great career and a good salary.

Career & Annual Median Salary:

  • Marketing Managers earn $142,170 annually.
  • Miscellaneous Managers earn $116,350 annually.
  • Office Manager earns $98,890 annually.
  • Technical Writer earns $74,650 annually.
  • Executive Assistant earns $63,110 annually.
  • Secondary School Teachers earn $62,870 annually.

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3. Psychology major:

One of the easy majors that pay well is the psychology major.

A psychology major focuses on the workings of the human psyche and knowing how to understand the behavior of individuals within culture and society.

Psychics desire to know what goes on inside people’s heads. These people are also kind and want to help others.

What you want to do determines whether or not psychology is a good fit for you as a career major.

In a similar way to sociology, psychology aids in understanding human behavior, but it takes a very different approach.

Careers & Annual Median Salary:

  • Chief Human Resources Officer earns $185,950 annually.
  • Human Resources Manager earn $121,220 annually.
  • General and Operations Manager earns $103,650 annually.
  • Project Management Specialist earns $77,420 annually.
  • Registered Nurse earns $75,330 annually.
  • Social and Community Service Manager earns $69,600 annually.
  • Middle School Teacher earns $60,810 annually.
  • Social Worker earns $51,760 annually.
  • Counselor earns $45,760 annually.

4. Religious studies major:

The field of religious studies is not for everyone.

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Still, for those who have always been interested in theological research and want to land a fantastic job without studying too much math and science, this work position offers a variety of advantages.

You should consider pursuing this degree if you are interested in finding answers to questions that have not yet been answered.

Religious Studies Careers and Salary:

  • Executive Director – $107,680
  • Senior Pastor –  $66,980
  • Clergy – $51,940
  • Directors, Religious Activities and Education – $45,110
  • Associate Pastor – $38,110
  • Other Religious Workers – $33,530

5. Education major:

The Education Major is a broad educational path that permits qualified students to educate and improve the world.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, teachers are with us throughout our schooling and can influence how we learn and evolve as individuals. They freely offer information and urge us to engage in various projects.

Depending on your goals, becoming a teacher is one of the best-paying careers.

Majors under education includes:

  • Special Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education

Career & Annual Median Salary:

  • Executive Director $107,680
  • Elementary School Principal $98,490
  • High School Teacher $62,870
  • Training and Development Specialist $62,700
  • Special Education Teacher $61,420
  • Middle School Teacher $60,810
  • Adult Literacy and High School Equivalency Diploma Teacher $55,350

6. Communication major:

If you believe that your communication abilities can influence people and events, the communications major may be the best location to begin your studies.

You will get immersed in the practices of many cultures, genders, sexual orientations, and the politics that underpin them, among other things, during this course.

Your communication skills can provide you with a variety of advantages worldwide, and numerous schools can assist you in honing and even improving your communication abilities.

Career & Annual Median Salary:

  • Marketing Director – $185,950
  • Marketing Manager – $142,170
  • Account Manager – $141,490
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • Author -$67,120
  • Editor – $63,400
  • Public Relations Specialist- $62,810
  • Reporter, Correspondent, or Broadcast News Analyst – $49,3003

7. Psychology major:

There are several reasons why students study psychology. Psychics desire to know what goes on inside people’s heads. These people are also kind and want to help others.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, what you want to do determines whether or not psychology is a good fit for you as a career major.

In a similar way to sociology, psychology aids in understanding human behavior, but it takes a very different approach.

Careers & Annual Median Salary:

  • Chief Human Resources Officer $185,950
  • Human Resources Manager $121,220
  • General and Operations Manager $103,650
  • Project Management Specialist $77,420
  • Registered Nurse $75,330
  • Social and Community Service Manager $69,600
  • Middle School Teacher $60,810
  • Social Worker $51,760
  • Counselor $45,760

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8. Health major:

Many people equate a Health Major with challenging subjects and stressful jobs like doctors. This is why we need surgeons and high-end health specialists. In many cases, they are aided by non-medical health workers.

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The knowledge and understanding of anatomy that medical students contend with aren’t required for all healthcare industry jobs.

You’ll learn when to use sanitizer and soap to teach appropriate hygiene. With a career in Health Science or Healthcare Management, you can assist others in improving their lifestyle and health.

Career & Annual Median Salary:

  • Physician Assistant – $115,390
  • Medical or Health Services Manager – $104,280
  • Physical Therapist – $91,010
  • Rehabilitation Director – $89,880
  • Occupational Therapist – $86,280
  • Healthcare Consultant – $77,130
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians, Including Vascular Technologists – $70,380

9. Business\business management major:

Developing abilities applicable across industries and can be transferred from one position to another is the aim of a bachelor’s degree in business and business management, which is available online.

The nature of the major is relatively broad, and it covers an extensive range of closely related areas.

This major is perfect for business-minded or outgoing persons who enjoy connecting with others and discussing or exchanging business ideas with them.

Career & Annual Median Salary:

  • Client services manager – $55,222 per year
  • Sales representative – $59,594 per year
  • Project manager – $76,404
  • Office manager – $42,187 per year

10. Criminal justice major:

Do you have the sensation that everything is fine and good in the world? Do you have a passion for assisting and educating others for them to be more law-abiding? Then, you can be a part of bringing truth and justice to the world with a criminal justice major.

An undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice can assist you in doing all of this while also helping you become more virtuous.

Careers & Annual Median Salary:

  • Operations Manager $103,650
  • Security Manager $98,890
  • Police or Detective $67,290
  • Probation Officer or Correctional Treatment Specialist $55,690
  • Private Detective or Investigator $53,320
  • Paralegal $52,920
  • Correctional Officer or Bailiff $47,440

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Conclusion on easy majors that pay well:

It’s up to you to decide what an easy major is. High school performance, devotion, and GPA are all subjective terms. Some college majors may be easier than others, depending on your passions, interests, and hobbies.

You will be the best judge of an accessible college major. That doesn’t mean getting a degree in that field is mandatory or easy.

To choose a major that interests you, you must consider its ease. Nonetheless, it is usual for students to select a college major that excelled in high school or junior college. Less complicated degrees are included among the best grades.

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