15 Best Tools for Productivity in 2022

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Best Tools for Productivity: In this day and age of remote working, it might be a tall order to maintain one’s productivity. Because of this, it makes perfect sense to enlist the assistance of various technologies that might boost productivity. This list will give you personal, team, and company productivity tools you can adopt. The most effective solution for increasing productivity is to make it straightforward and uncomplicated to enhance the productivity of teams, whether they are located in an office or are working from home. The primary features of productivity tools will center on teamwork and project management. These features work for individuals who, despite their location, can maintain contact with other team members and provide recent updates and information.

What exactly are productivity tools?

Productivity tools are software programs that facilitate completing tasks and streamline workflow. They frequently include functions that speed up gaining access to documents, generating charts and graphs to visualize better aspects of a project, such as its planning and progress, and working with other individuals.

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How Can Increased Productivity improve your life?

The human brain functions best when distracted, and the amount of time we can focus on one thing decreases at an alarming rate. How can we complete increasingly challenging and significant duties while still having enough time to participate in activities? And that is where the use of productivity tools comes in. Productivity is necessary for professional achievement and individual fulfillment; this is common knowledge. Productive people are assets in the corporate world, and productivity provides an individual with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

List of 15 Best Tools for Productivity

1. ProofHub:

It is an all-encompassing solution for project management and task management that enables effective communication, helps keep things organized, and improves accountability. With the help of ProofHub, you can monitor the amount of time spent on each stage of a project, allocate duties to particular individuals, and arrange workflow by uploading papers and files.

2. Freedom:

You can keep your focus on the task at hand by blocking access to websites, notifications, and any other digital interruptions with the Freedom app. This program is head and shoulders above the competition because it simultaneously blocks websites on several devices. As a result, you won’t be able to pick up your phone and scroll past the block on your computer screen.

3. nTask:

nTask is an all-inclusive project management and task management tool that can assist users in keeping all of the components of their project in a highly centralized platform. nTask can also assist you in visualizing your work, keeping track of your progress, and providing you with status updates.

4. Toggl:

Toggl is one of the most popular time tracking tools and productivity apps available online by independent contractors, consultants, and small businesses. It utilizes the internet and can be set up and operated on in less than one minute. The web tracker, desktop widgets, and mobile apps are all synced instantaneously with Toggl.

5. Calendar:

The calendar has a system powered by artificial intelligence that can learn your schedule to organize automatically, book, and keep your events and meetings up to date on your calendar. It also syncs across numerous calendar tools and devices, saving you time and allowing you to concentrate on activities of the highest significance.

6. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub:

The HubSpot Marketing Hub is the most effective team collaboration platform for launching, managing, and maintaining your marketing activities and campaigns. Your team will have complete control over your customers’ journey from the time they visit your website until they sign up for your tools. Conversations with each customer are saved and shared across your teams, ensuring every member can access, communicate with, and connect with every potential customer.

7. GanttPro:

You could ensure that every team member is on top of their tasks using Gantt chart software. Participants in the project are provided with an instantaneous picture of how the plan is moving. Because there are opportunities for collaboration, not a single detail will be overlooked.

8. Google keep:

Google Keep is well-known for the ease with which it can scribble down reminders, generate checklists, collect meeting notes, construct to-do lists, and many other features. It functions admirably on Android phones, iPhones, Google Chrome, Firefox, and even smartwatches. You will have access to digital post-it notes, and as part of G-suite, you can link your notes with Google Docs.

9. Boomerang:

Boomerang is a valid email management program that works with Gmail and allows users to schedule and send reminders for incoming emails. The most fantastic feature is that it enables you to ‘boomerang’ a message back to your inbox at a later time and get reminders.

10. MyFitnessPal:

To perform at your highest level, maintain the best possible level of health. The calorie tracker app known as MyFitnessPal is top-rated and straightforward to use.

In addition, you have unrestricted access to the nutrition and calorie database that holds information worldwide.

11. Zoom:

A zoom is a collaboration tool that assists companies and organizations in bringing their teams together to accomplish more.

Their dependable cloud platform for video and phone calls, as well as content sharing and chat, is compatible with desktop computers, mobile devices, telephones, and room systems.

12. Chanty:

Having a private, public, group, or one-on-one conversations with coworkers is straightforward. The Team book menu makes it possible for you to organize all of your communications, files, and tasks in a logical fashion. Integrations can transform a team chat into a command center, granting you authority over the information gleaned from the various apps that you employ. Voice messaging and calls through Chanty allow you to rapidly interact with your team and get crucial information to them as soon as possible.

13. Shift:

A shift is a desktop application streamlining your processes, apps, and accounts all in one place. Switch easily between several email accounts in Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 without much effort. Link all your email accounts to Shift and your preferred web apps and tools. After then, tweak your workspace until it’s just how you want it.

14. Slack:

Slack is a popular software used by teams to collaborate on projects and bring together all their conversations. It is compatible with common apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also track papers, share files and updates, and create reminders for tasks and meetings.

15. Bit.ai:

Bit.ai is a document management and collaboration solution that enables teams to communicate, share, track, and manage all company papers, files, and other content in one location—no more switching back and forth between different programs and tools! The bit is the most effective tool for increasing productivity since it stores all of your company’s paperwork and media files in a single, easily accessible location.

How do you choose a productivity tool?

If you frequently forget things, you should look for an app with a reminders function. If involved in more than one project at a time, you need to find a tool that will enable you to sort your responsibilities. You could choose a tool to increase your productivity by considering the features it possesses.

How do you pick the right productivity tool?

Productivity tools are often based on who speaks the loudest, but do they provide the most value? Increasing productivity is one of your primary objectives, so you should factor that into the decision-making process. Emphasize someone’s productivity from the beginning of the hiring process.


There is a lot to accomplish with the help of productivity tools. But, without the abilities necessary to use them, these tools are completely useless. They can boost production, but they cannot do so independently. And thus, it is worthwhile to learn the fundamentals of project management. I hope you find this article helpful; Do not hesitate to share.

Edited by: George Angel