8 Best Banks in Georgia (Wells Fargo, CIT) | 2022

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Best Banks in Georgia: Due to the many financial institutions available, it might be time-consuming to identify the best one for your particular situation.

Answer Diff evaluated the best banks in Georgia based on asset size, checking account fees, savings account interest rate, bank accessibility, and the breadth of banking products they offer to make things more convenient for their customers.

Take a look at the best banks in Georgia to see if it’s time to consider opening an account with a different financial institution.

8 Best banks in Georgia:

There are a variety of goods and services available from these financial institutions to assist you in managing your financial life.

A variety of banking options are available to you when choosing a financial institution, ranging from online banks for tech-savvy clients to local banks for customers who prefer in-person banking.

Georgia’s best banks are as follows:

1. Wells Fargo:

It has never been easier to access your bank account through an ATM, thanks to Wells Fargo’s more than 725 ATMs in Georgia alone.

Afterward, if you need to speak with a representative in person, Georgians can choose from over 275 Wells Fargo branches around the state.

Banking with Wells Fargo is a terrific choice because of the variety of alternatives available and the convenience of online and mobile banking.

Furthermore, as a large financial institution, you will have access to physical facilities throughout the country and worldwide.

Bank accounts from Wells Fargo are available in various sizes and types. This comprises two types of savings accounts, three types of certificate of deposit accounts, five types of checking account options, and IRAs.

Monthly service fees range from $3 to $30, depending on the specific account, and there are various ways to avoid paying the fee altogether.

To avoid the monthly fee, you may be required to maintain a minimum balance or make a minimum number of transactions.

Even though they are convenient, huge banks are not well-known for delivering high-interest rates.

On the other hand, you can work toward earning at a bonus rate, which is normally accomplished by tying multiple accounts together.

Higher balances (for example, more than $100,000) can also result in more advantageous interest rates. Wells Fargo is one of the best banks in Georgia.

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2. United Community Bank:

After participating in a recent customer satisfaction survey, United Community Bank has rated the best bank in the Southeast for total customer satisfaction.

As soon as you open the bank’s website, you will notice that it immediately markets itself as “The Right Partner” for assisting you in managing your money and achieving your savings objectives.

Additionally, according to Customer Service Profiles, United Community Bank has received an average customer satisfaction rating of 98 percent from its customers.

156 branches are located in four states: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, most of them in Atlanta. There are 65 sites in Georgia alone, some of them open on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can also access your accounts from anywhere in the world thanks to the availability of the internet and mobile banking services.

With United Community Bank, you can choose from various banking options.

From five different checking accounts to a simple savings account to a five-year certificate of deposit, the bank provides you with various options to customize your banking experience to your financial condition and needs.

As one of the best banks in Georgia, you can also keep all of your bank accounts in one spot for even more convenience.

3. Bank of America:

Banking with Bank of America is a nationwide experience that includes above-average costs and services, particularly severe daily spending limits.

Their data demonstrate that Bank of America’s standard debit and ATM withdrawal limits are far greater than those imposed by other large banks, even though most banks do not advertise these limits.

With Bank of America Core Checking, you can withdraw up to $1,000 from ATMs in a single day, and you can do it many times.

As one of the best banks in Georgia, when you compare Chase’s ATM limit of $500 to Wells Fargo’s ATM limit of $300, you’ll notice that this bank might be significantly more convenient for consumers who regularly want larger quantities of cash.

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4. Ameris Bank:

To find the greatest free checking account, there is no need to look any farther than Ameris Bank’s Free Checking and Direct Free Interest Checking accounts.

These accounts do not carry a monthly maintenance fee, as their names imply they do not.

Each account comes with free Visa® Check Cards, eStatements, ATM usage, and check card text alerts, all of which are included with your membership.

Because most banks charge a nominal cost of roughly $2.50 when you use an ATM outside of their network, you’ll want to take advantage of the fee-free ATM offer.

Depositing at least $50 is required to open an account. Compared to a standard $25 starting deposit, this is a slightly higher amount.

After you open your account, you will be able to take advantage of the absence of fees and minimums. It earns interest at a 0.05 percent annual percentage yield (APY) on the Direct Free Interest Checking.

Afterward, once you’ve opened an account, you’ll have easy access to it through the bank’s website, mobile services, and the ability to write checks indefinitely. Ameris Bank is one of the best banks in Georgia.

To speak with a representative in person, you can also visit one of the 48 Ameris Bank offices located across Georgia.

5. SunTrust:

The #1 choice for conventional banking in Georgia is SunTrust Banks, which has 245 locations and is the state’s largest financial institution by assets.

Even though Wells Fargo has more branches, SunTrust’s are more widely distributed, allowing more consumers to take advantage of the bank’s services.

Besides having hundreds of branches in and around Atlanta, SunTrust also operates banks and ATMs in southern regions of the state, where other large banks may not be as common as they are in the north.

The SunTrust Essential Checking account, which costs $7 per month, is one of the most affordable monthly fees of any major bank in Georgia, making it one of the most affordable options.

6. CIT bank:

The CIT Bank Savings Builder account provides a wide range of savings options, highlighted by a competitive annual percentage yield (APY) of 0.45 percent.

To qualify for this rate, you must maintain a balance in your account equal to or greater than $25,000 and make at least $100 in deposits each month.

Customers who do not meet these requirements will receive an annual percentage yield of 0.29%. To open an account, you must first put in a deposit of at least $100.

More than ever, the ability to manage your accounts from your phone or computer is essential, and CIT has recognized this.

When you utilize the CIT Apple or Android mobile app, you’ll be able to deposit checks from anywhere, initiate in-house account transfers, and view your account statements in digital format.

The bank’s customer base is pleased with this app, as it has received a cumulative rating of 3.85 stars out of 5.

CIT Bank is unquestionably a savings-oriented institution and one of the best banks in Georgia.

Additionally, you can choose from the Premier High-Yield Savings account, the Money Market account, and a variety of certificates of deposit (CDs), including term certificates of deposit, jumbo certificates of deposit, and penalty-free certificates of deposit, and CIT’s proprietary “RampUp” certificates of deposit.

7. PNC bank:

Because of its Digital Wallet account bundle, PNC Bank was selected as the best bank for students in the country. This provides a straightforward method of keeping track of your funds daily.

Furthermore, by providing one checking account and two savings accounts for distinct financial goals, the Digital Wallet for Students can assist you in developing healthy money management habits.

PNC’s student account package contains several valuable features not available from most other student banking options.

A monthly calendar with a list of your upcoming expenses, such as tuition or bills, is also available on the bank’s website.

Additional features include tracking and categorizing your spending and an alarm system that can send notifications to parents when the account balance goes below a set level.

As a result, a virtual Wallet is a fantastic alternative to a physical wallet for overseas students.

Because it provides one free incoming wire transfer each month and web services in various languages, it is a good choice.

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8. NBKC:

Depending on the firm, you may or may not be required to visit their actual location.

You may find that online banking is more convenient if you like the simplicity and convenience of doing your banking from your laptop or while on the go.

Furthermore, NBKC offers low-cost business bank accounts, allowing you to do basic banking whenever you need it.

The company also offers a business checking account free of monthly fees and has no minimum opening or account balance limitations once you’ve gotten your firm up and running.

There are no additional fees for the following:

  • First and foremost, transactions
  • Overdrafts are the second most common type of overdraft.
  • Deposits of checks are the third category.
  • Payments have been halted for the fourth time.
  • Finally, wires are being brought in.

Conclusion on best banks in Georgia:

I hope this article provides a clear explanation of the best banks in Georgia and that it will relieve some of the stress associated with physically searching for the best banks in Georgia.

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